Bully Thicc Grip Dumbbells


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The BEST fat grip, plate loadable, dumbbell on the market. There is no better way to train grip or blow past plateaus in your program than by implementing the Bully Thicc Grip Dumbbells into your routine. These dumbbells feature machined ends like a barbell, allowing the use of ANY 2″ Olympic weight (including bumper & calibrated competition weight), and ANY 2″ Olympic collar.

Made to an overall length of 17.5″, these dumbbells are the perfect length to load with over 150lbs of standard plate per dumbbell (more if using competition weight), and not impede your Range of Motion.

The Bully Thicc Grip Dumbbells have been tested to over 500lbs on ONE dumbbell, and could have taken more. These dumbbells are up to any task you ask of them!

  • Sold in PAIRS
  • Fully welded design
  • 2″ diameter knurled grip with 6″ of machined loadable sleeve on each end
  • Fits ANY 2″ Olympic plate and collar on the market
  • Test to OVER 500lbs on a single dumbell
  • Durable silver zinc coat finish
  • American Made


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